A lot has happened since AA started out, but the most recent changes are:

  1. The server issues have now been resolved.
  2. sintaku is back from his indefinite hiatus. Angela Lee (raccoons) is also back and we have a new writer Naveen Srinivasan.
  3. sintaku is now known as Vagish Vela; azeriraz is now known as Rasul Mammadov!
  4. Changed the site logo to reflect our Facebook page and favicon. (what do you think )

I've been on indefinite hiatus for a while, and while I've been away I've been working hard as a Web Designer and SEO Specialist. I return to AA in a time of strife and problems. We recently had an array of problems starting with our server not being started properly and parts of the website didn't load! Then when we got that fixed the shared hosting couldn't handle the huge influx of people who view and read the website every day, and this caused further problems. So now to fix these problems I have moved us to a VPS, and this is a transitional phase until we move to a decent dedicated server and I really speed up the website!

Also I would like to point out that I am back from my hiatus, but you probably know that with the posts I've recently made. I am mainly picking up Hunter x Hunter again and a few current anime from this season.

I also would like to write about our Google+ Authorship being added to the website and the name changes that have happened, namely the following:

Also what would you like to see change on the website or something we've had before and removed that you want back We are always interested in hearing your comments and complaints so we can provide a better and more interesting blog for you to read! So please don't hesitate to tell us how you feel!