So here's a few other sites you should check out (no particular order):

-Anime B&B

Marina is probably the best aniblogger at managing to link a lot of blogs together and to encourage discussion. That aside her posts are always a good read: amusing as always and great if your interested in a blog that's focus isn't limited to just episodic reviews.

-the Blacksheep Project

I didn't realise there was an aniblogger like me who read a lot of the lesser known shonen works such as Magico or Tokyo ESP. -blacksheep's posts cover a wide range of episodic reviews as well current Kurogane and Nisekoi chapters.

-Shades of Grey

While I only stick to reviewing shonen works running Shonen Jump, Yerocha covers a wide range of manga irrespective of demographic.

-Shonen Beam

Jean-Christian's blog cover's so many shonen series it's make my head spin. Not only that he released podcasts or as he calls them "beamcasts" in which he goes over every detail of the chapters of the big 3 but also other manga like Kimi no Iru Machi, Toriko, Kami Nomi, Eden no Ori, Fairy Tail.

-World of Yamaguchi Hoshiko

Hoshiko doesn't do episodic review but that doesn't stop her from writing excellent series reviews, always exploring finer points such as relationships. You also might see the occasional post about figurines.

-Avvesione's Anime Blog

The amount of series Avvesione has blogged is impressive and more than that his reviews are never uninteresting. Unlike myself he does watch a few series that I consider too cutesy with not enough humour or a decent story, so his perspective is different from mine which makes his posts great to read (even the anime we have in common, he see's it from a different perspective).

-Anime Tree

Music is one of those aspects of anime which is acknowledged by most but not made a big deal about which I find to be a shame. On top of episodic and series reviews these guys dedicate time to post about music.

-Figure Culture

Figures shouldn't be neglected and figure culture make sure that they recieve the proper attention they deserve.

-Spark Blog

Just a bit of everything really.

-New Manga

For all of your Shonen Jump reading needs and a few others as well.

-Empty Blue

feal87's blog has been around for a while, and with so much content it's easy to get lost. If ever you feel like getting lost in anime, check out this blog.

More blogs to be added soon.