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log horizon season 2 episode 7

Log Horizon Season 2 – Episode 7 Review

Unfortunately, we missed episode 6 but we are on for episode 7. It was a decent episode with some pre-battle preparation going on. Although a major lack of Shiroe, whom we haven't really since since the deaths of Akatsuki and Shiroe. No Teachings were Taught I really thought Akatsuki was going to get some … Continue Reading


Weekly Shonen Jump - Issue 15 (2013) Cover Assassination Classroom

Weekly Shonen Jump – Review of Issue #15, 16, 17 (2013)

I really need to stop doing this.  Apologies for the delays in the Weekly Shonen Jump reviews, but it hasn't been the easiest 3 weeks.  As I did with the last combined review, we'll go by issues. Starting off with … Continue Reading

Weekly Shonen Jump Issue 14 (2013) Cover

Weekly Shonen Jump – Review of Issue #14 (2013)

From one point of view, this issue of Weekly Shonen Jump is a milestone issue because it holds One Piece's 700th chapter.  On the other hand, there was a split in the quality of the chapters.  In the end, the good … Continue Reading