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Vagish Vela

Founded the website on 20th August 2011. Formerly known as sintaku.
Bio: I'm a 23 year old guy living in the UK. I started watching anime when I was 12 when I was introduced to Evangelion in my school's unofficial anime society. Although I had previously seen Pokemon and Digimon, but this was before I knew they are what you class as anime. I then dived into the world of anime at the age of 15 when I marathoned Dragon Ball Z in the summer holidays, and since then I have seen over 200 series (my MAL list isn't up to date by the way, I do need to fix that) and watching more and more anime. I'm also beginning to get into manga recently.

You can contact me at [email protected]

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Bio: I'm currently living in the UK. A friend of mine turned me onto anime (Naruto) when I was around 17 and I have been a huge fan of various anime's and mangas since then. Mostly I watch the mainstream anime, but have sometimes found some less known works to fill up my free time. One day I grew too impatient waiting for a new anime release of Naruto, so I decided to start reading manga as well. When I'm not watching anime or reading manga, I go clubbing a lot and study for my degree ( I have to work out the balance) and do a bunch of other academic activities.

My tastes aren't exactly varied when it comes to anime and manga but I do go into quite a few anime with an open mind, thinking that possibly there will be a series to interest in a surprising manner. As for manga, I tend to read mostly shonen stuff, and most of those run in Jump but I am slowly expanding my scope.

For better ideas about my anime and manga habits feel free to consult My Anime List and My Manga List (both on MAL).

If you want to get in contact, you can follow me on Twitter or just send an email to [email protected]

Want to write for Anime Aura

We are considering getting more writers on board to grow the community. Whether you're interested in episodic blogging, editorials or general reviews, we'd be willing to consider if you're genuinely interested in contributing to the site.

Preferably we'd like a writer with diverse tastes in anime or manga. Even more of a plus would be someone who wants to write about manga, since I feel it gets neglected in the sea of episodics we're currently writing. If you are interested in writing just send Vagish ([email protected]) and we'd consider it. If you do so, please attach some type of review - any series - so I can get a better feel for your style and writing ability. We don't consider ourselves the best writers, but a certain level has to be met.