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Whenever Zetsuen no Tempest teases the audience, my impatience reaches new limits.  When will this sweet torture end?

Clearly the answer to the above question is two weeks, but that doesn't make any less impatient.  Proving that a an episode composed entirely of small talk can serve as build-up, Zetsuen no Tempest keeps its stride.  Impressively enough, it still has momentum after last weeks episode.

It only makes sense that the last breather episode we'd get is entitled 'Fuwa Aika.'  Our deceased start deserves one last chance to be remembered in all her glory, before the world-changing events transpire in the last two episodes.  In any case, Aika flashbacks are always welcomed.  They provide a more-than-adequate filler material during the slower episodes of Zetsuen no Tempest.  Nevertheless, that was just one part of the episode.

The one who really has an impact in this episode was Megumu.  His outburst and frustrations are somewhat overdue, given everything he's been through with regards to the entire situation.  Now that he's become a much more powerful, her actually has a bigger role to play - just being acknowledged by Mahiro is proof - and that most likely will have a huge influence on the ending.

Going back to our dual-protagonists, after they snapped out of their funk, they maintained their air of ambiguity.  Unsurprisingly, their reaction to what Aika did came with an abundance of rationality.  The two characters who have remained as question marks throughout the series, continue with their peculiar ways even after reaching the original goal.  It really does make you wonder about them; not whether they cared or not, but what they'll do next.

This episode of Zetsuen no Tempest was most probably the final setup.  The objective is clear and it's now time to bring the series to an end.  As usual, we have the question I ask every week: will it be The Tempest or Hamlet?

Zetsuen no Tempest Episode 23 Preview

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