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Has Zetsuen no Tempest become a romantic comedy starring Hakaze

This recent shift in tone has been something quite odd for Zetsuen no Tempest. Considering how the series was the definition dramatic/serious, the sudden change into a romantic comedy-esque atmosphere is a combination of amusing, adorable and just plain weird.

Hakaze's story ended up being one of a girl in love. It's not hard to say how adorable she looks all confused and flustered, though I see something more beyond this moe surface. I'm of course talking about Yoshino's hand in all of this. Our potential villain/the true villain of Zetsuen no Tempest could very well be manipulating her. Not a stretch considering his intellect, leaving even Hakaze to question his ignorance towards her feelings. If anything, this adorable detour is more misdirection to build on the mystery surrounding Yoshino.

With the majority of the episode focusing on Hakaze's love and Yoshino's secret, there was not much else that took precedent. Another great part of the episode was the comedic brainstorm session led by Mahiro and Samon. I think their ideas should have been discussed in further detail. Yoshino being cougar bait was definitely some great amusement from the episode, before the bombshell was dropped.

Quite interesting that amidst all the humour, Zetsuen no Tempest would create such a turning point for the story. Kind of like reading the The Tempest, before switching to Hamlet. Yoshino's secret coming out is a big development in this plot, affecting his relationship with Hakaze and Mahiro. Ultimately, these relationships are what will affect the outcome of the series as each actor plays a huge role. Now the question is, how will both parties react

A happy ending or a sad ending It's finally time to see which one we'll get. Not to mention, we have seven episodes in which to see the mystery unfold and the reactions of the characters. Rightfully so, Zetsuen no Tempest has kicked things up a notch for its final stretch of the story.