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I want to love Zetsuen no Tempest, but the pacing isn't letting me!

Has anyone else noticed that this is the fifth episode in which the main characters haven't moved This series makes Space Bro's look fast-paced. The problem isn't so much this episode, but rather the arc so far has taken so long and it doesn't work as a continuous story.

The funny thing about the episodes of this arc is how good they are on their own. Take this episode. It's a great way to end this arc with a cliffhanger of sorts. As an arc however, it feels very long and at times just makes you want beg BONES to hurry it the hell up!

Adding to the frustration of the slow pace was the more complex talk about fate and who was responsible for Aika's death. This was more of the same, yet more complex talk, we've heard countless times. Really So much hypothesising is as counter-productive as an athlete overworking themselves; after a certain point, you don't gain anything from it. As the viewer, I gained nothing from that discussion that I already haven't received from Zetsuen no Tempest.

The upside in this episode is that the arc has concluded! Leaving things at a cliffhanger of sorts, Hakaze's return should hopefully spark start of a more exciting arc. If memory serves, this is when the manga also kicked up the pace a little. There was also the added bonus of the magician of Zetsuen which, after weeks of the same debate, was a breath of fresh air.

The ending itself was very much to my liking and left a lot of possibilities. This was also one of the few moments where Zetsuen no Tempest's ongoing talk about fate was used properly. Just as a way to show how powerless Mahiro and Yoshino are, this was a good moment in the series.

New arc, new hope for Zetsuen no Tempest. Let it happen!