Recently the episodic posts have been delayed and there are a few reasons for that. It's that time of year when real life priorities take over, but in my case its another major factor.

I've decided to join Anime Audiolog as a full time team member. For those of you who don't know about the site, its a group of bloggers who put out a mixture of reviews, most of which are in podcast form. I've been a big fan of what the team has been doing and I'm really excited to be able to contribute to that (before it was just Joeanimated if any of you may recognise that from a few podcasts I've referred you to).

What does this mean for Anime Aura

Not much when you think about it. When this season is over in a few weeks, that will mark the end of such intense episodic blogging for me. Truth be told, it isn't something I would be able to keep up for much longer and with the Winter season being weaker, the time has never been better.

I am going to finish off all series I've started to blog that will carry over to the next season. The only exception to that may be Magi, which quite frankly pales in comparison the manga. All weekly and monthly manga posts will remain the same.

Once I put more effort into Anime Audiolog, the majority of posts on this site will be more editorial in nature. That doesn't mean episodic blogging will be forever lost, however it will probably be downsized to just one series a season.

Why the change

As much as I enjoy blogging about anime and manga, a part of me has always enjoyed conversing within a group a lot more. I plan to contribute to podcasts on anime as much as I can as well as starting up a manga podcast when I figure out all the kinks (TBC sometime early next year).

Anime Aura isn't dead. It's just changing a little bit.