More goood news. The recent double issue of Weekly Shonen Sunday also announced The World God Only Knows Season (Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai) 3! One of my predictions actually came true, and that's not all.

On top of getting a third season, it will be getting yet another OVA. This time the spin-off OVA will focus on Kanon this time - the current is focusing on Tenri's introductions.


More KamiNomi is definitely good news! I'm almost glad I forgot that Weekly Shonen Sunday's double issue meant a double dose of news. Now all that's left is to see what part of the story will get animated; continuing from where it was left off or skipping to the goddess arc.

For me, I would love to just skip ahead to the goddess arc. Probably one of the best arcs of any manga ever, this one could be great as a 12 episode anime or even a longer season. Somehow, I can't imagine myself being as excited for another season of Keima conquering girls - something that actually happens in the manga.

Whether it will be what I want it to be or not, this is the first of the 5 (out of 8) Weekly Shonen Sunday 2013 anime projects that I'm excited for.