Apparently the announcement of the new Detective Conan movie also included the next 2 anime projects for 2013. Unfortunately both of those projects are ones we've known about for quite some time and in fact, they're both in the Winter 2013 Preview.

  1. Weekly Shonen Sunday #52 (2012) held details about the new Zettai Karen Children anime. A spin-off series featuring the most popular male character.
  2. Weekly Shonen Sunday #1 (2013) will have more information about Sasami-san@Ganbaranai. A little more confusing because it's technically not a manga from Shonen Sunday, it's the manga adaptation of the novel.

This was a huge let-down to say the least. We've known about both of these projects for quite some time and Zettai Karen Children's new one was announced a while back. My guess is that Sasasmi-san@Ganbaranai is getting an issue dedicated to anime news because to up the exposure and possibly bring more readers in once the anime starts.

There will be 2 anime announcements in Weekly Shonen Sunday #2/3 (double issue) that should be released the week after next. That means there are 5 more projects to be announced and this time I'm convinced there can be no more unpleasant surprises like this one.