Here's the first of eight 2013 anime projects. Big shocker that it's another addition to the long-running Detective Conan franchise. [Source]

Detective Conan or Case Closed to some, has already inspired one of longest ongoing anime and 16 anime films. Just looking through the list of OVA's, movies and specials on MAL was enough to make my head spin. So many anime versions of this manga out there, nowhere near enough time if you're not already reading/watching it. The most recent movie (The Elventh Striker) was released earlier this year and it looks like it did well enough for yet another movie to air next year.

Not an exciting start to this 8 Weeks of Anime from Weekly Shonen Sunday. I kind of expected one of the long-running series which have had anime to get sequels, but not for another movie from Weekly Shonen Sunday's longest currently running series.

Anyway, I can't comment much on the franchise. I know about it much like I know about the other anime that have existed for longer than One Piece but that's about it. If your a fan, then great for you but for me this news is about exciting as the sequel announcement for UtaPri.