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In case you were wondering; Valvrave the Liberator is still as silly as ever.

When something becomes more and more clichéd right in front of your eyes, you tend to see it in a humorous light.  After its first episode, there was always an inkling of a feeling that Valvrave would go down a road writhed with flaws and bad writing - it's Sunrise after all - and we're seeing this come to fruition in this episode.

Off the top of my head, here's a list of ridiculous moments in the episode include:

  • Evil senators trying to escape with the Valvrave.
  • Shoko leading a high school rebellion later turned into an independence initiative.
  • L-Elf's descent into B-grade villainy.

The biggest part of the episode focused on the second one.  Shoko stole the spotlight for the episode and proceeded to orchestrate the unified students rebellion against all political forces.  The kids taking over plot was amusing to say the least, and was impossible to take seriously.  Most likely a move aimed at the younger audience I presume Valvrave the Liberator to have, it made me laugh for the most part.

L-Elf become such a villain was also difficult to take seriously.  His role in the series just went from a seedy political activist to a guy with a maniacal laugh.  Befitting the continued direction of the series, but disappointing to say the least.

Funny thing is, Valvrave still holds quite a bit of entertainment value.  I'm sure my reasons for enjoying the series are completely unintentional.  If this was intended to make people like me laugh, then I'd be impressed however that possibility is close to zero.  It is a series that keeps pulling out very questionable and downright stupid developments in the plot but it does so unapologetically.

Final Note: This may be the last episode I blog episodically.  Not sure what future episodes will hold but Valvrave isn't the easiest series to talk about on a weekly basis.

Valvrave the Liberator Episode 05 Preview

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