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Picking up the anime called The Unlimited - Hyoubu Kyousuke, and since it has already started I'm going to do a review from episode 1-6. The anime itself is interesting in the way it starts, it is related to Zettai Karen Children, however I didn't know that when I started watching it. In this anime they are called "The Children", and Hyoubu Kyousuke is very affectionate towards them in his own way.

The episodes so far are about Andy meeting Hyoubu Kyousuke, and Andy is actually an US agent infiltrating P.A.N.D.R.A. and trying to get their main esper brain called Igo whose power is running the whole ship. His power taps into the powers of all the espers on board and uses that to run the ships flight and spatial camouflage techniques.

The current episode shows that Hyoubu Kyousuke is dying, and he doesn't have much time left. However no one knows this is the case, I have a feeling that every time he goes into Unlimited mode he is using his life energy or something similar to that and when he goes into Eternal Time Stop mode he is not using this energy or at least limited amounts of it. Therefore whenever he goes into unlimited mode in a battle he is running out of time faster and faster.

I was somewhat disappointing with Andy when he called his superior Walsh and told him about the location of Igo and betrayed the espers. Hyoubu Kyousuke knew all along about Andy's intentions, but why would he let him on board if he knew Maybe there is something fishy about all of this. Also Hyoubu Kyousuke said Andy was going to die like he has once before, does this mean Andy is going to be reborn or is he actually going to kill Andy I am interested in seeing the outcome of this whole Andy v Hyoubu fight in the next episode, the serious seems to be moving fast if Hyoubu Kyousuke is to die soon since the series is just about Hyoubu Kyousuke!

Andy called the Americans in, what will the American normals do to the Espers I don't think the normals will be relaxed on the civilian and children espers since they are scared of them! They will probably go crazy and massacre them. Especially with the prophesy about the ship sinking, I'd assume if Igo is removed from his location on the ship then all functions will stop and it would be susceptible to attack.

I can't wait for the next episode, we are already half way through the series which is a shame. I was really hoping for a somewhat longer series!