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I'm running out of reasons to write about why Tsuritama is good.

This episode wasn't particularly great but I still enjoyed it's relaxed atmosphere and the focus on the friendship. Now that we see Natsuki, Yuki and Haru getting along there isn't really all that much that could be done in regards to developing their relationship and the focus now needs to shift onto getting Akira to join in, which the episode has started but still needs to develop further in the upcoming episodes.

Akira is quite an interesting character already, displaying very technical fishing knowledge whilst Yuki and Haru are just attracted to the aesthetics but what's got my attention is that Akira's belief that he doesn't need friends adds a little bit of seriousness to the series, even though it came after him constanly shouting "Fishing, Fishing" in English as he was about to catch a fish. By the end of the episode, we still don't get to see Akira making nice with the trio but I get the feeling that those wheels have been set in motion by his slight hesitation at the end and by him being "questioned" by Tapioca.

As far as the other characters go, it feels like they've peaked in terms of character development for now: Natsuki is completely having fun with friends, Haru has been educated to be more understanding and Yuki has now gained the ability to talk to more people outside of the group. Whether this is an indication of character development being halted, so that the story itself can progress is yet to be seen but I think that the story hasn't been revealed at all (minor details from episode 2 at best) so it's about time it starts getting attention.

Overall, the episode was just a relaxing watch with nothing to really excite you but nothing to make you hate the series. I do wonder whether we're going to see more of Coco and if Erika is going to make an appearance considering we haven't seen her at all since episode 3.