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There's nothing strange about talking to a duck, while both of you have shells tied to your heads.

I think that there is definitely a lot to be said for series that are all bout the "bromance" especially since they have become a popular trend, it has been harder for each of them to stand out on their own. That said, with this episode I think I have come to fully understand why I have enjoyed Tsuritama as much as I have for the past 10 weeks.

The episode continued to make progresses with the original plot and stuck to the light-hearted and comedic style it has used throughout the series, possibly another reason why I have enjoyed the series, and it allowed for the drama and the seriousness of the episode to shine through with the interactions between the characters. Talking about the latter, I was very impressed with Yuki and Haru's talk of reconciliation which was done very well and with Natsuki's presence there it felt even more of complete moment; the trio was united and Natsuki even went so far as to say that he was right in choosing those two as his friends. I'd also add that, the importance of friendship/bromance in this episode was at the peak with scenes such as Yuki talking to a cab driver, who ended up being a source of help and possible inspiration.

As feel good and easy going as the episode was, the final scene where the Hemingway was blown up by accident definitely took me by surprise. It's not the case of Tsuritama not being able to do drama and/or serious moments well, but more like it chooses it's moments well enough to shock us just a little and add variety to a "bromance" all is good with life story, although much like the last time there was a slightly shocking development - Coco's possible death - the series didn't venture into any more drama by staying on the happier side of things. On second thought, the final scene was more shocking than I was expecting for the simple reason that the comedy in this episode still managed to make me laugh quite easily; Akira going around and shouting "Yoga" was definitely a highlight for me because I love that character.

Now that all the bonds have been repaired, I am looking forward to see the conclusion of Tsuritama and as sad as I am to see it end, I am excited to see how the series will finish off.

Author's Note: Sorry for posting later than usual and a shorter than usual review (and for Jormungand). This is because I've had finals and have been delayed further by the pesky appearance of some wisdom teeth clawing their way out. Reviews will be back to normal from the 20th of June.