Well, I assume if your into anime you want to know more about those animes. Am I right If I am, then you will find this list very useful. Well, I have found them over the years of my love for anime. I will explain what each website does too, so as to make things easier for you. In alphabetical order.

  • AniDB - This is a large database of pretty much all the animes (no manga) in that was released, as well as the release dates and fansub information for the majority of animes in the database. Want to know the names of the next few episodes as well as the airing dates of Bleach and which group is fansubbing This is the place to go. You can also create an anime list, they also have a function which produces an image for your signature showing the latest animes you have watched and much more, you can find that here.
  • Baka-Updates - This a large database of pretty much all the manga that has been every released, as well as release dates of scanalations and translations of manga chapters.
  • AnimeNewsNetwork - This website covers the latest DVD release dates aswell as press releases of information pertaining to anime and manga. Want to know when the next season of Gundam comes out This website is where to go. It also has a sysnopsis for the animes and mangas aswell as the cast and crew involved in the production of the anime. You can make an anime list there too, aswell as look into the encyclopedia for the anime. This is where to go when you know what anime you want to know information on.
  • MyAnimeList - A facebook style anime socialising hub aswell as a database for end users of anime to use. This is where you can see a social anime networking site. You can create nice looking anime lists and also manga lists and find out about the latest animes, as well as reviews and recommendations for anime s you should see next. They also have a forum for each and every anime and manga.
  • Narutofan Forums - This is a major forum to read and speak about anime on. They have topics covering pretty much most animes, and are highly organised and ontopic.
  • Gaiaonline: Anime/Manga/Comics Forum - This is a more relaxed offtopic style forum for anime and manga discussion.

With those 6 resources you should be able to keep you anime and manga life sorted!