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The Tenri arc has come to an end, and I'm pleased with the way it was done.

When I wrote the review of episode, I questioned whether a 2 episode OVA was the right decision for this part of The World God Only Knows story. Tenri's arc is essentially a prequel to one of the best arcs that I've read in manga, but what the OVA did do was remind me of its romantic plot.

This episode is a good episode for a romantic comedy such as The World God Only Knows. A romance that perhaps is more serious and one that for the first time doesn't require Keima to do anything. It's a childhood crush romance story being brought to fruition years later.

It's perhaps because of the romance aspect of the episode that I enjoyed myself. Originally I didn't pay much attention to Tenri as a romantic "interest." Partly because by this point, The World God Only Knows had built up a harem and hinted at the possibility of the other girls remembering about Keima. If you don't know the manga, then make sure you at least watch the Idol spoof OVA.

I do wonder about one thing: is this OVA a prequel to the impending Season III Those of you who read the manga might think so as well, and for those who don't know that's fine. Not knowing means you might get the privilege of seeing the goddess arc in anime form without any knowledge of what happens. I've said it many times (this post included), the goddess arc is one of the best arcs of any manga.

Besides season 3, we're also getting a Kanon OVA. Plenty more The World God Only Knows for 2013! A good thing if there was ever a need for more of a great franchise.