I am so not in touch with the aniblogosphere (well not as much as I'd like) but that's mostly due to recent events. Thus I'm gladly doing this, since it seems like a good bit of fun.

The anime blogger interrogation game started over at Nabe with the aim of, well, interrogating anime bloggers about various things. It's quite simple: 5 questions to be answered, 5 questions to be asked and 5 anime bloggers to be tagged to answer the 5 questions asked by yours truly. The game will cease to exist after the 8th of Septermber 2012. I was tagged by Yerocha, a fellow manga blogger (there's not many of us out there) and so I'll be answering the 5 questions he's asked me and 4 others.

Azeriraz's answers to Yerocha's questions:

1. What is your biggest anime/manga guilty pleasure

I'd say any shonen sports series but a few romance series like GE - Good Ending and AKB49 trump that. I really shouldn't enjoy those two series that much (especially AKB49) but they were surprisingly fun to catch up on and were really easy to read 5-10 chapters at a time.

2. How do you usually acquire anime or manga legally

As some of you may know, I live outside of North America. This means that visiting the bookshops to get new manga is out of the question, so I usually turn to Amazon or on occasion to eBay since you can usually find some pretty sweet deals. Buying anime is expensive and not something I do often but again Amazon or eBay are my go-to sites.

3. What's the weirdest reason you've had to start a series

Yankee-kun to Megane-chan

It was a typo while I was searching for another manga on Manga Reader (don't remember which one), but I ended up checking it out.

4. What series from the new anime season are you most looking forward to

Where to start! I can't really list all of them can I JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is a no-brainer and the two original series K and Psycho-pass hold a lot of interest as well (especially since I found out who's doing the character designs for Psycho-pass). Let's also not forget Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun which will probably end up as the best romantic comedy of either 2012 or 2013.

5. What character do you aspire to be like

I can't really choose one, so I've got two. Iskandar from Fate/zero because he lived his life with no regrets, he values camaraderie more than any other king in the series and his unapologetic nature is something I would love to have. The other would be Hiruma Youichi from Eyeshield 21. A little strange His persistence to beat the odds and his passion for what he does make him truly admirable, even if most of the time all we see him do is threaten people with over-the-top firearms.

Now it's time for some of my own questions to 5 anime bloggers. Avvesione, -blacksheep, Ace Railgun, John Sato and feal87 you have been chosen to answer these 5 questions, which have also been answered by me:

1. What is the most popular anime/manga you thought was over-hyped

Easiest choice for me would be AnoHana. It's not that I didn't like the anime but it didn't do all that much for me and certainly wasn't in my top 5 of 2011.

I just couldn't enjoy it as an anime which was intended to be oh so emotional.

2. If you get to be a character in any type of series (action, adventure, romance etc.), what type of character would you be

A character in a shonen action/adventure series, but not the main. I'd rather be a stranger who's famous in some way and helps the main character 'level up.'

3. Which anime would you not admit to liking for fear of being mocked

............ I don't actually know.

Just for the sake of answering, it'll be Mayo Chiki because it has sooooo much fan service.

4. If you could only choose one anime/manga to watch/read for the rest of your life, what would it be

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

I hope I don't need to justify that.

5. Do You Know Much About Seiyu

Almost nothing except for the names of a few.