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I definitely wasn't expecting this either, but in a very good way! Must be that bird being the main character of Tamako Market.

KyoAni has established itself as some people's favourite studio, with a resume that boasts both commercial and critical success. An anime by them has a higher chance of being a hit than a miss, and even the misses have the moe that keeps people watching. I am not one of those people.

Whilst I find KyoAni's works enjoyable, it doesn't appeal to me like it does for others. Putting this in perspective, I'm more of a SHAFT/Production I.G fan, so I'm more sceptical of any KyoAni work. Not to mention, my inability to comprehend K-ON!'s appeal made me wait a little longer to watch this first episode.

What do you know I might actually enjoy this series.

Tamako Market may stand out because of the lower quality of the season - new series only - but it does have a charm that works for me. It's still the moe KyoAni we all know, but there is a fun element to the first episode that resembles Tsuritama or Ano Natsu de Matteru. It certainly helps that the main character is a bird by the name of Dera Mochimazzi (or Mochiyucky) with a pompous attitude and demeanour that makes him that little bit more likeable. Tamako herself is the moe girl who goes about her day not doing much and making fans say "KAWAII," so she doesn't add much originality but Dera makes this an interesting plot.

The one thing I can't figure out is what Tamako Market will end up as in terms of genres. We see a little romantic comedy possibility from Tamako's neighbour Mochizou, which could potentially take this into AnoNatsu waters when you also consider the last scene of the episode. Whatever does happen to the story, there lies a potential for it to branch out and have a little fun. There was potential drama being snuck in with the mention of Tamako's mother and her quest for the song, that could go either way - Chuunibyo's turn into drama was when I became less interested with it, so I hope Tamako Market doesn't mimic that.

As I said, a nice surprise! Finally another series that I am positive about for the new season!