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You know you're watching a teenage drama when the episode is all about insecurities. I've always thought of Sukitte Ii na yo. as your typical shojo drama-romance. No surprises there! The series is far from ground-breaking and has just about every single popular shojo plot developments one might expect. I've applauded Sukitte Ii na yo. for being simple and not trying to be more than it is. Nevertheless, even I thought this was a little too simple. Drama was always part of Sukitte Ii na yo, and that was fine when there was a romance related plot being developed.

This episode on the other hand was all drama and not the kind I'm happy about. Drama revolving around teens with insecurities and whatnot as opposed to romance. Megumi was hinted at being yet another pretty girl with an inferiority complex. By no means am I belittling that specific plot point for a character, but it doesn't go well with the series when you already have another character with the same kind of complex (Aiko). We did get to see a lot more of Megumi, though I have to say I'm not happy with her as the villain any more. If anyone was the villain in this episode, it was Yamato.

Almost immediately putting blame on Mei based on some rumours, he keeps becoming less and less likeable. All the more reason I applaud Kai for punching him in the face to ground him back to his senses. Kai even came off as a nice friendly guy when he was talking to Mei, and with the way he dealt with Megumi. At the end of the day, Kai has become more like the ideal shojo lead whilst Yamato has fallen from grace.

I do suspect his good nature will lead to him helping Megumi with her issues, which may lead to some romance. Only three episodes left, so whether it takes place or not is questionable. Nonetheless all other women are spoken for, so Kai only has Megumi or unrequited love left as an option.

Is it too late to make Kai the male lead of Sukitte Ii na yo.