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Yamato really is an idiot.

I wasn't entirely impressed with this episode. On one hand I liked that Aiko was there to be a friend to Mei, much like Asami was one last episode. Aiko's involvement was a major one this time round, and it was only fitting that she was the one to bring Yamato's poor boyfriend behaviour to his attention.

Needless to say, Yamato continued to come off badly. Snapping at Mei like he doesn't even understand her and then realising that secretly having dinner with Megumi was indeed a bad thing, he just becomes less and less likeable as the episodes go by. I guess that's why I wasn't entirely happy with this episode; he got off a little too easy and didn't suffer as much as Mei.

That doesn't mean Yamato doesn't have it coming to him. Kai's appearance was short and sweet this episode but there is that potential for him to pine after Mei and to cause Yamato to feel the same insecurities that Mei has experienced. Something tells me that Kai will eventually be the thorn in Yamato's side.

Right now it feels like the period of estrangement for Yamato and Mei, so I'd like to see some more on that. This could be an opportunity for Kai to come in and cause a riff and/or make Yamato suffer a little bit. That's just a suggestion, although I'd be upset if Sukitte Ii na yo. goes back to being "happy couple in love." Yes the ending does allow the story to continue that way, but who wants that

Last but not least, there was Megumi. I give credit to this episode for making her into the villain of Sukitte Ii na yo. for possibly the first time. I say that because even though she has been villainous, it hasn't been all that obvious. A lot of that were assumptions that she's trying to get closer to Yamato and now she's come out of hiding. Very sneaky and very underhanded and it works so well with her character.

This episode of Sukitte Ii na yo. was not my favourite. It was delightful but lacked a certain something to make it more memorable. Pacing was also an issue and the episode felt a little drawn out, but Sukitte Ii na yo. still has 5 episodes to do something better.