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I just can't stop liking this series. Sukitte Ii na yo. really is worth watching.

To me, Sukitte Ii na yo. is a shining example of a familiar premise done right. There's nothing new here. We don't see any groundbreaking deconstruction, all we see is a simple love story. Simplicity is really doing it for this series.

As I suspected, Yamato's nature of pleasing everyone got him into trouble. What do you expect No one person can please everyone, especially not the girl who's after him. Probably one of my biggest moments of irritation. I cannot express how much I dislike ignorant male leads - blame Seo Kouji - and Sukitte Ii na yo. managed to get through it with style.

By simply taking this moment, and letting Aiko and Asami come through for Mei was great. Every shojo lead needs a friend or two, and in Mei's case it's two girls whom she's helped out. Aiko was the tough-love girl, which I like, and Asami is the kind one. What I liked most about their involvement is that Mei took another step forward.

Mei's been the rescuer so far. She saved Asami and Aiko from their own insecurities, and now it was time for her to be rescued. What's more, this really showed off the friendship of the girls. Between them, we've assumed they like each other but there hasn't been a concrete display of friendship like there was in this episode.

Funnily enough, not much actually happened in the episode. It all built up to that one moment at the end; the kiss. And what a joyous occasion that was. It just made me smile ear to ear, and left me all fuzzy inside. At this point, it's my favourite romantic moment of the season.

Looks like Megumi wasn't here to last. As far as I'm concerned, her meddlesome ways have been stopped by Mei's new-found drive and confidence. The yankee-looking gentleman however, is unaccounted for. A quick search on MAL reveals his name - Kai - and it looks like Yamato could have a new rival. A reversal of fortunes I'm looking forward to.

Sukitte Ii na yo. just keeps surprising me. I can foretell the story but I don't care because Sukitte Ii na yo. is so enjoyable.