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I had my doubts after the last episode, but this episode left me all warm and fuzzy that I've taken another step forward towards loving this anime.

As it was pointed out to me in a comment left on the fourth episode review, now that the confession and getting together part of Sukitte Ii na yo is over, we're left with plenty of opportunity for deeper development between the couple. This episode does just that in the most endearing way possible.

An imouto has been thrown into the mix and that just makes it relevant to the relationship development between Mei and Yamato. I admit that after her first reaction, I wrote her off as a brocon type but then I remember that this is a shojo romance series and that means the imouto is never a brocon type. Most likely because it was Yamato's sister and because she is younger, that Mei was able to show off her development in a way that made you want to hug her.

Interesting that even though he was present, Yamato was forgettable in this episode. This isn't a bad thing because of the focus of the episode as a whole and he had to be there at the beginning and I think it ended up being great. For once Yamato isn't a part of Mei's development, and we see that she's growing on her own as opposed to just being influenced by Yamato.

The episode was more relaxed and easygoing so there wasn't much to speak of in terms of plot progression. Slowing down for this episode really worked, because the first four had progressed at quick a fast speed. You can tell it is more of a transitional episode than anything else, and as far as transitional episodes go it was one of my favourites.

Very nice and touching. Sukitte Ii na yo is really becoming quite a great series.