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While the last episode of Strike the Blood left an impression that this episode would be full of action and fighting, the culmination of that event is less than exciting.  Eustach and Astarte retreat rather than face Kojou.

Kojou explains in this episode that the Familiars he inherited from the previous Fourth Progenitor haven’t accepted him as their new master.  It adds another layer to his character, and also adds a complication to Yukina’s position in relation to him.  As Kojou himself points out, the fact that he can’t control his Familiars should be reason enough for her to eliminate him.  But since she views him as a nice guy (which, as far as we’ve seen, is definitely true), she doesn’t really know what to do about him yet.

Apparently, because the Combat Deacon of the Lotharingia Orthodox Church is involved in hunting demons on Itogami Island, that very crime is considered a magic crime on an international scale.  I find the politics of this anime fascinating.  I hope there’s a bit more focus on the politics as the series continues.  I’m eager to learn more about Lotharingia and what exactly their political views are.  Is Eustach the only one who wants to destroy Itogami Island, or does he speak for the whole of the Lotharingia Orthodox Church?

And why exactly does he want to destroy the island?  I’m sure we can all assume he doesn’t agree with the existence of a place specifically intended to harbor demons, but is that all?  What exactly will he do with the “eternal treasure” that serves as the cornerstone of the island’s foundation if he manages to get his hands on it?  Furthermore, it’s a little crazy that during his incredibly brief battle with Yukina in the previous episode he was able to perfect the Lion King Organization’s divine resonance technique.  Just who is this guy, exactly?

Finally, I’d like to briefly mention the end of this episode.  If Yukina thought Kojou was a good guy before, she definitely has to think it now.  I can’t see her deciding to eliminate him after this episode unless something incredibly drastic happens.

(SPOILER ALERT: I’m pretty sure we all know Kojou is going to come back.  I mean, this is the third episode, for crying out loud.  The main character can’t die for good that early.)

Strike the Blood Episode 4 Preview

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