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Add Shin Sekai Yori to the list of series with build-up episodes from the past week.

The past week has brought with it either dramatic developments or build-ups.  It's that time of the season where a lot of series take the foot off the accelerator and regroup for one last time.  For Shin Sekai Yori, the build-up episode is the most obvious choice.

An atmospheric series like this one almost makes fun of a number of series attempting to create the appropriate build-up.  In Shin Sekai Yori's case, there isn't much that needs to be done.  The story has been guided to this point, and now the sense of urgency is taking over the plot, creating an intense atmosphere.  In reality the events of this episode don't matter, since the ending is in sight and it holds quite  a few possibilities.

That said, there was still plenty going on in the episode.  Right from the beginning, Saki is handed the false minoshiro which is followed by Kiroumaru's release and the subsequent adventure into the Tokyo wasteland.  It's been quite some time since the fake minoshiro incident, which brings back some fond memories of the earlier episodes.  Yet again the series is linking everything together with ease. Kiroumaru remains suspicious for the time being, and that in itself adds another layer of tension to the current situation.  Squealer's betrayal was a huge turning point in the story, so something tells me not to trust the queerats.  Well....not until the Psychobuster is acquired.

It looks like Saki's attachment to Maria and to a significantly lesser extent, Mamoru are coming to light.  Whether her past will affect her decision regarding the fiend is still in question, but it does mean her resolve is more shaky than her peers.  If push comes to shove, she'll end up as the deciding vote.  Will she exhibit the strength everyone keeps mentioning? Or will her emotions get the better of her? Is her girlish reaction just for comedy?

With three episodes left, Shin Sekai Yori has me tense.  In the end, it comes down to Saki.  She will be the decider and she's the one who's most conflicted.  The final arc is all coming together, even involving Squealer and the fiend moving to the same location.  All that's left is to watch the outcome of this all.

Shin Sekai Yori Episode 23 Preview

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As usual, nothing concrete.  It could end up as anything.