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It has taken me three episodes but now I'm sold on Shin Sekai Yori.

This anime still feels a lot like a slice-of-life with a combination of other genres thrown in, but I'm beginning to get into the pace and the style of it. Shin Sekai Yori's blend of genres often left me wondering how the mystery was going to be developed, seeing as how it was a prominent part of the first episode, but after watching this episode I'm glad that the confusion has been somewhat cleared up.

Making the mystery of the series being the world in which Shin Sekai Yori is set is quite interesting, not to mention befitting the title. I didn't think about this being the mystery of the series with the way that the first two episodes played out but this episode brought my attention to it in an obvious yet not over-the-top manner. With the mystery of the disappearing children still unresolved from the first episode, its hard to fully get into this mystery, though a sneaking suspicion of mine tells me to stay tuned and wait for the story to progress.

There is somewhat of a childish feel to the designs of the new creatures we saw in this episode but that mix of childish and dark horror science-fiction happens to be Shin Sekai Yori's signature style which has been present since the beginning of the series. The creature that is revealed to be a library may look like a joke, but he/she is a joke that has now taken this series further into the apocalyptic dystopia setting which at times you just forget about . Given that happens when the focus shifts to the everyday life parts of the series, which I still don't enjoy as much.

The series started of well and is improving, which means it could be incredible at the end.