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I hate this show; not because it's terrible to watch but rather the case that every single time I'm about to give up on it, I will end up watching the next episode. The sad truth is, if you like this type of story then you will undoubtedly enjoy watching this series and if you're a mainstream shonen die-hard like me you'll end up being on the fence when your asked to say if you like it or not. Episode 2 is yet another reason I'm frustrated about this show.

The start of the episode was kind of disappointing since it didn't follow the generic route of: get powers for the first time, use powers for the first time and unexpectedly defeat the enemy in front of you. I personally found that since Hibiki didn't win in battle (well properly) it just messed with the dynamic of the episode and made the episode even less interesting in a way. That being said, I think the whole plot of this episode was no good - I'm all for explanations about newly acquired powers and recruitment into organisations since those happen to be inevitable parts in episodes for shows such as this where the protagonist gains strange powers but they should remain as parts and not be made into entire episodes.

The most I got out of this episode was a newly acquired knowledge that Aoi Yuuki is the perfect voice actress to play the parts of annoyingly whiny girls (much like Hana Oshiroi from Ben-To). This episode seemed to be the prefect podium for her to showcase her talents since, Hibiki seemed to whine every other second. The rest of the aspects of this episode unfortunately didn't help; the closer look at Tsubasa's feeling was kind of expected at this point of the story, so there wasn't really anything unexpected or cool there.

The biggest surprise in the episode was Tsubasa's proposal for a fight with Hibiki. The fight part it self isn't too much of a surprise but it did make me wonder as to whether the reason we didn't see Hibiki do anything useful this episode was because of the build up towards the fight next epsiode; since the episode ended in the same cliff-hanger style manner as in episode 1. If this were to be the case, then this makes the anime more interesting to watch since it does not meet certain expectations whilst were watching the episode but instead keeps stopping at annoying points which make us continue onto the next episode.

The final thing this episode clarified for me was my unimpressed face when watching the fight scenes with the music. I'd say I'm probably watching this anime more for the emotional story than the action at this current time but hopefully this is the type of anime that get's better as the story progresses.