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Surprisingly enough Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo ended up being more interesting than I anticipated. It still not great but enjoyable enough to continue watching.

There is nothing new here. Average setting for a romantic comedy, usual cast of miscreants that make up the outcast characters in the story and then the girl heroine who is that combination of beauty and inept which makes her reliant on the main character of the story. Incidentally the main character has a friend that is a potential love interest in order to give this romantic comedy that shonen-generic feel. The one thing I will say is that I was reminded a little of Kuragehime, in the way that there is a gathering of eccentric and socially awkward yet brilliant characters in one house.

With everything that was so generic, its a wonder how this anime managed to pique my interest but it did. The art direction was simply beautiful and gave the episode a little bit of a different feel than what is usually the norm for romantic comedies. There were a lot of moments when I could just lay back and enjoy the cinematography of this series and just forget trying to judge it on its own merits.

The characters are shamelessly weird and that means we get some shameless comedy. I'm talking Haganai levels of shamelessness here and nothing less. This does mean that at times there is more eye-rolling going on and less laughing but it isn't all bad. I suspect this brand of outrageous comedy will carry on with Mashiro at the centre of it all, seeing as how she is the pet of Sakurasou, so if you didn't like the comedy in this episode you probably won't enjoy the comedy in future episodes.

I'm gonna give this series a few more episodes to get me interested, but this is the last blog post you'll see about it until (maybe) it finishes its run sometime next year.