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By the third episode, I feel as though me and Red Data Girl are not the best fit.

Even after instituting the three episode rule, I'm no closer to being swayed to either drop or continue Red Data Girl.  This latest episode was a step down from last weeks episode, yet there seems to be something that keeps my interest in the series.

To be honest, I wasn't the biggest fan of this episode.  So far the series has had an air of mystery to it, however this episode tried to take it one step closer to amateur horror.  An unpleasant reminder of what happened the last time P.A. Works tried to do horror; Another wasn't a bad watch but the horror was plain stupid.  I'm not saying Red Data Girl will be going down the same route, but the over-dramatic and poorly crafted attempt at atmospheric horror was not a good addition to the story so early on in the game.

There was quite a lot of predictability.  Miyuki starts to lose his tsun, and will show his dere in the upcoming episodes, all the while Izumiko continues to break out of her shell.  Not hard to see where Red Data Girl could go, seeing as how the story keeps its semi-otome game vibe.  The conclusion to this arc felt like something straight of any adaptation with the same feel.

As uninspired as this conclusion to the arc was, I can't help but shake my intrigue in the series.  The mystery very much remains the source of my interest and that allows me to write off the first three episodes as the introductory arc.  Seeing as how the pace for the first three episodes has been rather slow, I want to believe that the main (hopefully interesting) bulk of the story is yet to come.

For now Red Data Girl stays, but for how much longer?  Luckily the first three episodes were the pre-air, and that means for the next few weeks there will be no new material; it started its TV run yesterday.  It's possible after taking a break for a little bit, my opinion on the series may change but I sincerely hope it'll go in a new and more exciting direction.