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The story is coming together and the mystery continues with each episode of PSYCHO-PASS.

As the story moves along, the series continues to travel to a unified point. We get more mystery, progress with the case and a closer look at the characters. It wouldn't be PSYCHO-PASS without some type of literary of philosophical reference, and in this episode it's Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness.

Without going into to much detail about the book, partly because I haven't read it, it seems fitting to use this reference. Given what happened in episode eleven and how overall dynamic of the series, a look at the darker side of human beings was to be expected. It was also a good opportunity to cover Ginoza's background story a little more.

The reveal that his father is Masaoka wasn't all that surprising. Hints have been given on occasion, so it wasn't something to come out of left field. Essentially the reveal was a confirmation, and the ensuing conversation was the meat of Ginoza's background story. We learn that his psycho-pass is becoming clouded, and we learn why. Masaoka's story certainly cleared up a few things, including his reason for going down the enforced route - a secondary objective of the plot in the last few episodes. It also goes back to the old vs new argument about being a detective which we've seen before and there was also more sympathy towards Ginoza on my part. He's the character who has it toughest.

Ginoza has always come off as the prickly detective. There was always a story here, so to see it come out was a nice way to better our understanding of him. It's no wonder that he constantly gives off the feeling of someone restrained - he has to deal with his past and the bureau's top brass. It also doesn't help that his past is there as a constant reminder, and he finds it hard to confide in his own father. Akane even contributes to his clouding psycho-pass!

Unlike Ginoza, Akane represents the amalgams of the Sibyl system. Much like Shougo or Touma, she never gets in danger with her mindset. Of course she represents the opposite of the two aforementioned character, but her existence itself is a slap in Sibyl's face. All of this makes Ginoza's job even harder as well as adding to his personal issues.

Ginoza got more attention this episode, but that wasn't all there was to it. The mystery surrounding the Sibyl system, Touma and Shougo continues. The hint at the end of the episode regarding Shougo's relation to the bureau head definitely added something more. It also didn't hurt that now he's been identified, the hunt can really begin and PSYCHO-PASS can move closer to its conclusion.