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...................................................................Only PSYCHO-PASS can leave me speechless. Rather, it downgrades my sometimes clever remarks into the ramblings of a fan.

Screw it. This was amazing.

It didn't take long for PSYCHO-PASS to win me over. By the third/fourth episode I was convinced that the series would end up as one of my new favourites, and as the weeks went by I grew fonder of the series. Then came this episode and I'm left worshipping the ground on which Urobuchi Gen walks on.

One thing is for sure: Urobuchi knows how to build up to a scene that will leave you shaking. Even the build-up itself was intense, with just the right conclusion to the duel. I especially appreciated the barrel trick Kougami used to take out Senguji which was a moment that I did not foresee. Of course it became hard to focus on the scene after watching what is now one of my favourite moments of the year.

Just that scene. It's frightening, emotional and psychological to such an extent that I was on the verge of tearing up! Not only was this a fantastic moment, it deepened the mystery and provided a huge turning point for Akane. Her constant portrayal as the naive rookie was the perfect set up for this scene. Some may have interpreted it as moe, but I always saw it as the "rookie plot" used by many detective and police dramas in the US. She was the perfect victim to be pushed into a corner like this, seeing an option that no one of her experience could take. Of course none of this would have been possible without the villain.

Makishima just stepped up to plate and developed into a "super" villain. He was good at what he did before, but now he's in a league of his own. Spouting Descartes in a nonchalant manner as he commits murder, this guy's presence in PSYCHO-PASS has expanded at just the right moment. It only makes sense he talks about Descartes as he essentially embodies his "cogito ergo sum" philosophy and uses it to explain his unclouded psycho-pass. A true villain has appeared and what timing he has!

Now there are a few questions about Akane. Will she go down the Enforcer route or maybe she's like Makishima Remembering back to a scene with her friends who said that her psycho-pass has never gone close to being obscure. A minor mystery to tide us over until PSYCHO-PASS' 2 week break is over for sure.

Those two weeks will be lonely, but this episode lends itself to being re-watched. In fact, I might do so for the next two Thursdays.