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Let the games begin.

A slightly different episode of PSYCHO-PASS this week. Not necessarily a good different, but at the same time not a bad episode by any measure. One thing is for sure; the detective vs criminal hunt between Kougami and Makishima has started.

As far as hunting games go, this one held was just the initial test. Makishima assumes the role of the puppet master, furhter expanding his range of power by altering the game. I guess that means Senguji isn't his partner in crime, just a bored rich guy making sport of human hunting in a very Hostel-like manner.

No social commentary, no philosophical or controversial ideas put forth. This episode was stripped of any thought-provoking and morally ambiguous ideas that PSYCHO-PASS more than exploits on a regular basis. From one point of view, this episode lacked a lot of what PSYCHO-PASS is about. How can an anime this clever do something so simple

Simplicity isn't a bad thing at all. For something like this, simple is definitely better; no one wants to watch a one-on-one manhunt filled with the usual debates. We just want to watch man vs machine, good vs evil, all the while greater evil observes from a higher standing.

All in all, the episode wasn't as exciting as usual but still a good watch. In a way, it's transitional in nature and is leading us closer to the inevitable Makishima vs Kougami showdown at just the right pace. On the other hand, I find Akane's role to be diminishing as PSYCHO-PASS progresses. It didn't help that in this episode she got the payback from Ginoza for insulting him. I will however say, that scene made me convinced Ginoza and Masaoka are related in some way. Akane was also saved by Kougami's remark about more people needing to be like her.

Not the most memorable episode of PSYCHO-PASS, yet still one of high quality.