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The world as we know it...we don't actually know it.

With a complex setting, it remains to be seen how much more we have to learn about PSYCHO-PASS' but one thing is for sure: we're not done learning. There are a lot of complex issues and themes in this anime, so it only makes sense that the adequate amount of time is given to exploring them.

This episode was a strong performance. Not only did it continue to unravel the world in which the story is set, it introduced continuous mystery, almost completely shutting down the episodic nature I feared would be adopted. A non-episodic mystery being introduced so early on is great because now there are 18 episodes in which we can see the build up of a rivalry between the MWPSB and Makishima Shougo (who cameo'd in the last scene) and of course see the outcome of this rivalry.

At this point I'd like to tip my hat to Urobuchi-sensei for taking inspiration directly from the source of all Orwellian stories in cinema and other media. Funnily enough, it's George Orwell's 1984. What deserves praise isn't that Urobuchi is using this as source material because lets face it, 1984 has been used more times than anything else in the world. He deserves praise for using the genuine source material.

You might have guessed from the oh so obvious hint (my guess that was more for the Japanese viewers), there is direct reference to the original novel. In this episode, it had to do with Spookie Boogie and the whole idea of 'honour amongst rebels' and hidden agendas. If your familiar with the novel, then you might see some similarity and if you're not, you'll just have to take my word for it. What PSYCHO-PASS did really well was capture the essence of 1984's character distrust. Aided by the setting and the idea of internet-like technology and anonymity, it really did get across the fact that you can't trust anyone.

What we learn about the world in this episode, isn't actually new but as most of you reading this probably belong to the first generation of internet users, there is something that speaks to me. Anonymity is a trait of the internet that provides a lot of people comfort, but I've never once considered the discomfort it may cause others. A well-chosen theme to go hand in hand with the plot points plucked out of 1984.

With all this amazing plot development going on, we kind of forget about the characters. A pity in some way, since Shinya was displaying his smarts at the first murder scene which was then overshadowed by everything that transpired. I'm okay with this, because the episode was so plot driven and because there were more opportunities for Akane to shine, which she did.

The ending brought back some of that more gruesome plot we saw in the first episode, much to my twisted liking. Don't forget that PSYCHO-PASS isn't intended to be moe, contrary to what we saw this episode with those beautiful scenes. The first foundation has been set for PSYCHO-PASS and if these four episodes are any indicator, the series will only improve.