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There were fears prior to the Fall Season and the announcement that Urobuchi was attached, that PSYCHO-PASS would be the next Guilty Crown.

I assure you that isn't the case.

The title of next Guilty Crown at this point in time belongs to K, but more on that later. PSYCHO-PASS' second episode isn't as exciting as its first but it was still interesting and thought-provoking in a way that befits a futuristic mystery series.

Not much actually happens in this episode in terms of plot or even character interactions, but instead we get an episode dedicated to our heroine Akane. Based on various comments on either MAL or other blogs, I can tell people don't like or they don't want to like her because how annoying she is. Although I gotta say I don't mind her being the female lead of this series. What's really intriguing is how she comes across in this episode and how the issues and themes are brought up with the insight into her character.

Let's put aside the moe Kuragehime start to the episode, which quite frankly looked like Production I.G's extra effort to show us stunning animation (like we need it), we are shown the everyday life of Akane Tsunemori. A girl who I would best describe as the stereotypical woman officer defying the expected in a stereotypical man's world, with a very set moral compass. It might have helped that I recently re-watched the first episode of Castle (a non-anime media pleasure of mine), but when it was brought up by one of her friends I could tell where this was going.

You've got to love how it is always women who are portrayed as the morally upstanding ones, with a purpose in life. As a man I don't feel insulted nor do I not understand why it's never a man who is the morally sound one and as expected as this background story is, it at least brings up important issues about "over-qualified people" working in less safe jobs which are sometimes deemed as beneath them (even the police force). There was a very similar issue raised in Shingeki no Kyojin about the best people doing a job that isn't the most beneficial for society and in everyday life whenever you hear about the need for soldiers or policeman, so I found the issue quite relatable.

As the episode progressed, I didn't actually get any more interest from Akane. It was giving off more of a rookie being shown the ropes vibe as opposed to an insight into her character. A little dull and clich , though I suspect this entire series can be from the point of view of a detective story fan. The highlight of the second half of the episode was Akane and Shinya's talk, which established some sort of working partnership with a dash of friendship and completely eclipsed the introduction of a new and possibly probably lesbian character by the name of Shion Karanomori.

Clearly there was a need to give Akane some confidence, so that she doesn't become a nuisance in the future but some of her interactions were unmemorable 5 minutes after watching the episode. It may have been with the initial ethical dilemma be the most memorable dialogue of the episode and the conversation dwindling from there on out.

A good episode that gave us an understanding of Akane's character early on in the series. I do think because PSYCHO-PASS is going down a very familiar road in terms of story and characters it may be a little boring at times but the dialogue and overall quality of the composition makes it very enjoyable.

Final Note: Love that OP sequence, especially the music.