It has the Chaos;Head feel to it. I have to say I wasn't too keen on Steins;Gate because I didn't enjoy Chaos;Head too much. But the combined effect of the time travel concept and the good reviews the series is getting got be interested in checking it out. I'm writing this article as I'm watching the episode because the protagonist makes me think a lot and it's easier this way.

The first episode starts off weirdly, the protagonist is a paranoid guy and he is going to a time travel conference with a female companion of his. She doesn't seem to be too knowledgeable on physics related subjects. However a weird girl with red colour hair pulls the protagonist out of the room when he claims the speaker is a fraud and copied the theory from another person. She then tells him that he was supposed to tell her something important 15 minutes ago. Now that is really weird, how can someone know that someone they haven't met is supposed to tell them something important in the past Even though I personally study physics, this got my intrigued because I just don't see how it would work. But I'm sure I will find out in future episodes. The protagonist is paranoid and tries to get away because he things she works for an "Organisation", and he also speaks to himself with a cellphone that is switched off. Maybe the main character is crazy I hope not! He runs off and then hears a scream, and when he gets to the scream he finds that girl dead. Now I'm thinking that there must be a connection between what he should have said and he death Maybe he could have prevented it! He then leaves the building and sends a text and everyone apart from his companion vanishes and he notices the conference building is damaged by a satellite. Then everyone reappears. Weird phenomenon right

We find out that his real name is Rintaku Okabe but he likes to go with is alias Kyoma Hooin. He calls himself a Mad Scientist, now this guy has to be crazy. He has 2 other lab buddies, which I personally think are friends. But here is where the weird stuff happens, remember the conference he went to Apparently it never happened, and the conference building was damaged by a falling satellite. Then he tries to use his modified microwave to cook a banana in an experiment. When he asks Hashidu about the message he sent him, apparently he sent it a week ago. But in his sent messages it says it was sent that day. Does that mean he sent it to the past And what makes this even weirder is he sees the dead girl, but she is no longer dead.

This series seems very interesting, microwaves and sending messages to the past It's a new concept, well at least I've never heard of it being done before. New is good, and hopefully they can execute it well... And not like Chaos;Head.