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Plot developments and more strategic warfare. This series is getting better.

Another episode featuring Bainas v Gido, but now the roles are switched! Sure it does feel like another episode used up just for the sake of a strategic fight between Bainas and Gido but it was more than that. Since more is finally revealed about Sam's older brother Dick, it added another level depth to the fight between Theseus and the Barnados crew (probably because you can see Gido and Sam's resemblance and if you remember from the previous episode Gido isn't really meant to be looking like that).

Another interesting development in this episode was that Sam's character became very un-likeable in a matter of minutes. Sure whenever a girl you've been protecting suddenly gets kidnapped you have to get pissed off since your the main character, but being a brat about it for almost half of the episode is just plain annoying and when that happens this viewer's favourite character almost instantly becomes Bainas; granted Sam was never really my favourite character but still. In respect to Bainas as a character, it seems the episode shifted focus almost completely to her which I liked since she has been that stern-but-fair character that I always like to have in a sci-fi series.

The fight was quite gripping much like the one in episode 2, but this time instead of concluding it fully it was left on a cliffhanger when Gido and Bainas finally meet face-to-face. I'm expecting things to get more interesting next week as well since Gido has now emerged as a slightly evil character with a plan to take over Theseus - I was slightly taken aback by this, I guess I wrongfully wrote him off as a lackey of Theseus who in the end would betray the organisation to protect Maya but now I'm more interested to see if he will be the final antagonist or not.

With 2 episodes left in the series, I'm curious as to how it will all end.