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So this 6 episode show is starting to get more and more interesting....but whether it can turn out to be great in just the 3 remaining episodes is yet to be seen.

More was revealed about Maya, kind of expected since it's half-way through the series and the explanation itself was quite confusing and warranted re-watching parts of the episode to try and understand the description a little bit better. Since there is such a small number of episodes, it was only expected that there would be some confusion when it came to use of sci-fi plot devices but after re-watching parts of the episode I finally got the episode as a whole (I really shouldn't watch stuff at 4 in the morning). Interesting to see this turn of events occur in an anime like Ozuma since everything about the show so far has indicated it to be an old-school style anime; the art, the story and various other factors but with this development in the story, the anime has taken a turn into a slightly futuristic area of the sc-fi genre with all the talk about "Ideal Children" and body invasion - Gido's scene in particular might have solved the reason as to why his eyes are covered.

Granted the the plot development has only taken it slightly into the newer area of sci-fi but the rest of the episode was yet again quite different from the first two. If you consider the first to give of the feeling of an adventure, which was then followed by the second episodes focus on psychological warfare and now this one focused on the relationship between Sam and Maya.

Although the episode was still nice to watch, there were points where I was getting irritated with the almost excessive focus on the "maybe" romance that could exist between Maya and Sam, which was luckily balanced out by the plot's progression and the re-appearance of Theseus. That aside the best part of the episode just had to be massive fight in the ships cafeteria - just to kill the tense and serious atmosphere the episode was clearly going for.

I don't really have much to say about this episode either. The show so far doesn't stand out nor does it make you watch an episode whilst on the edge of your seat. Much like the previous episode, this episode can also be described as rather "mellow" - not saying it's bad to watch but there have been no moments where I've been shocked, which is possible to do even with rather generic plots.