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I didn't understand like half of the vocabulary used in the episode.

Literally for more than half the episode I only vaguely had an idea about the language used; not having an affinity for science is really coming back to bite me in the ass. Vocabulary aside, this episode was a game of battleship (with obviously much more psychological warfare) - Gido the Theseus Commander vs Bainas the Pirate Captain - and what a showdown! Sure it was never going to be like a battle between Light and L from Deathnote but it unexpectedly ended up lasting for the majority of the episode and ended up being captivating.

Seems weird to use one whole episode of a 6 episode series just do so, but now I'm guessing the anime will probably end up focusing on Sam and Maya more than anything else.

Other than the gripping game of intergalactic battleship, as expected we finally get to see the bad guy of the series and in this case we get a slightly mafia boss like character (just the way he holds the wine glass is enough to make you think that) shrouded in mystery. And speaking of mystery, seems that Bianas has now discovered the truth behind Maya.

I'm guessing all will be revealed by next episode and hopefully a clue as to what direction the anime is going to take story-wise.