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Shinichi and company film a movie in the latest episode of Outbreak Company!

Matoba insists that the JSDF recorded the soccer match a few episodes ago just for their field records (which I don’t believe, to be honest), and that the footage was leaked to Japan.  There’s no explanation as to who leaked the footage, though: a JSDF soldier looking to make a buck?  Matoba himself?  We get no explanation on this at this point.

In order to fix the problem of the leaked footage, Shinichi and Minori decide it’s a good idea to film their own fantasy movie in Eldant and spread rumors that it’s a rip off of other movies and anime in order to make it a flop.  Thus, Petrarca becomes a magical girl, Galius and Miusel become villains, and everyone has a fun time filming Eldant’s first movie.

What’s really crazy is that pretty much everyone working on the production of this film is a student from Shinichi’s school.  They’re all so young and they’re accomplishing some pretty impressive work.  The students take part in the script-writing, the costume design, some of the filming, the acting, and the editing, all under the supervision of Shinichi (the production manager) and Minori (the director).

Of course, nothing can be simple, and a dragon shows up to destroy the animatronic dragon the JSDF has created for the film and subsequently terrorize everyone.  Rather than having Eldant’s army or a dragon tamer take care of the dragon, the JSDF springs into action with their machine guns and tanks to repel the dragon.  It’s pretty obvious that none of the Eldantians have ever seen these weapons in action, though, and they look both awed and scared at how powerful they are.  This, in my opinion, makes it even more likely that the JSDF and Japan have less than amicable ultimate goals when it comes to Eldant.

Outbreak Company Episode 11 Preview

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