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Shinichi’s school of otaku culture is now in session in this episode of Outbreak Company.

But before all of that, it’s worth noting that Miusel is fine.  She’s recovered from her injury and is back in Shinichi’s mansion acting as his maid.  Good news, of course.

Watching the students at the school interact with each other shows that the deep-seated prejudices in the Holy Eldant Empire clearly aren’t restricted to royalty.  Every race seems to be a little bit prejudiced against other races.  I think it’s pretty obvious that Shinichi will end up changing these prejudices.

Shinichi and Minori are the teachers at the school (with Shinichi also acting as principal).  Their lessons are hilarious, though.  On their first day teaching otaku culture, they focus quite a lot on what are probably their personal kinks.  I’m sure I don’t have to point out that there’s more to otaku culture than personal kinks.  At any rate, there are definitely things they should be teaching their students before personal kinks.  But that’s part of the comedy of the show, so it doesn’t seem out of place or anything like that.

A new development in this episode is the reveal that there’s a kingdom to the east of Eldant that is trying to infiltrate Eldant.  Apparently, Bahailm Kingdom borders the Eldant Empire to the east and routinely sends spies into Eldant.  Enter Elbia, a werewolf girl who happens to be an artist sent as a spy by Bahailm.  Rather than see her punished (and potentially executed), Shinichi vouches for her using knowledge he’s gleaned from reading manga and watching anime: keep her around, and occasionally send her back to Bahailm with false information.

Thus, Shinichi adds another girl with a specific character type (animal-girl) to his harem.  (Has he pointed out yet that he has a harem?  That realization should be an amusing one when it finally comes.)  It looks as though all the main characters are there now, so we should really be able to get into more of the political ramifications of Shinichi being there that Outbreak Company has been hinting at since pretty much the first episode.

Outbreak Company Episode 5 Preview

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