A few quick updates:

1. Air Gear is set to finish it's run in Weekly Shonen Magazine this May, along with Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei

2. Silver Spoon (Hiromu Arakawa) will have a printing of of 700,000 for it's third tankobon volume.

3. One Piece's next volume will have an initial printing of 4 million copies, also Issue #19 of Weekly Shonen Jump (in which One Piece was absent) sold 60,000 copies less than usual.

4. Tegami Bachi's 14 tankobon volume will come in a limited edition which includes illustrations by mangaka like Oda-sensei (One Piece), Obata-sensei (Bakuman, Death Note) and Toriyama-sensei (Dragon Ball).

5. It looks like more good news for Nisio Isin, the author of Medaka Box, since more anime adaptations of the "Monogatari" series are expected - Bakemonogatari and Nisemonogatari have already had anime's airing in the Summer 2009 and Winter 2012 seasons respectively. Kizumonogatari is being made into an anime film due to come out this year. Just to be clear, ALL of the monogatari series currently publised will be animated (not sure about unpublished works) in one way or another - the list includes 6 works: Neko, Kabuki, Hana, Otori, Oni and Koi.

UPDATE: ANN has posted an article which has outlined the producers plans for the Monogatari series:

First of all the film Kizumonogatari will not be released in 2012 (delayed),

Nekomonogatari (Black) will probably be adapted into some sort of an anime "season," a part one if you must and then the producers will make a 26 episode anime out of the remaining titles Nekomonogatori (White) till Koimonogatari - all other names are above and my mistake for not realising there were "Black" and "White" volumes of the novels.

Whether the three novels set to come out this year (Tsuki, Owari and Zokuowari) will get animated is yet to bee seen.

6. Here's the first trailer for Naruto Road to Ninja:

7. And here's the first trailer for the 1st Tiger and Bunny movie entitled The Beginning:

As usual thanks go to Manga-news Japon (https://twitter.com/#!/manganewsjapon) and ANN.