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Another round of anime/manga news:

1. Gintama's anime is ending at episode 252 (next episode on monday).

2. Fairy Tail's anime film will be called H no Miko (roughly translated as Miko the Phoenix) and is set to premier on August 18th.

3. Naruto has announced another movie (not Blood Prison, we're just waiting for it to be subbed) called Road to Ninja. Masashi Kishimoto will be in charge of the story and the character design. Out July 28th 2012.

4. A new manga by the name of Senyu, will start it's serialisation in Jump SQ on May 4th.

5. Nisekoi's 1st manga volume (tankobon) is to be released on May 2nd.

6. Bloody Monday - Last Season is set to finish on March 28th; having been compiled into 3 volumes already, the latest chapters will presumably be collected into a 4th volume and thus bringing the entire Bloody Monday manga series (Bloody Monday, Season 2 and Last Season) to a close with a total of 23 volumes.


All credit goes to the twitter page Manga-news Japon (https://twitter.com/#!/manganewsjapon) for providing me with updates and pictures as soon as they are available and making me practice my French reading skills - yes the twitter updates are all in French.