So bits of manga and anime news and instead of the full Oricon list I'm going to give bullet points about what the highlights are. Let's start with the bits:

  • Sokyu no Fafner Exodus, the sequel, has been green-lit for 2013. [Source]
  • Zettai Karen Chilren's new anime has been listed as a second season. [Source]
  • Chihayafuru's second season has been confirmed for the Winter 2013 Season. [Source]
  • Kokoro Connect's BD and DVD releases have been delayed 1 month. [Source]
  • Aiura, a 4-koma manga running in Nano Ace (formerly on NicoNico) has an anime in the works. [Source]
  • A new anime project called Wake Up Girls! is in the works (looks like another Idol anime). [Source]
  • The storyboard for the Western live-action adaptation of Akira have made their way online. The film is still shut down pre-production and the script may be reworked. [Source]
  • The 5th season of Hetalia is slated for 2013. [Source]
  • Code Geass: Bokoku no Akito's 1st BD with English Subs will be released in Japan this coming January. [Source]

Oricon Highlights September 3 - September 9

-Ao no Exorcist opens at #1 with 486,195 copies sold.

-Bleach is in second with 399,510 copies, a little lower than usual.

-Kuroko no Basket was in third with 352,813, a considerable increase since last time (around 240,00).

-Anohana's manga sold 40,711 for it's first volume.

-Ao Haru Ride enjoys its 3rd week in the top 30 and has sold close to 350,000