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I was worried that after episdoe 3, Natsuyuki Rendezvous would get boring much like how Sankarea never had the same effect past its first three chapters but luckily this series isn't there yet.

By continuing its style of switching the characters in focus, I was glad to see Hazuki and Rokka get away from Atsushi whose childish behaviour I found to be annoying, bordering on the obsessive. I understand that without Atsushi being that way the story probably wouldn't work but because he is that type of character you sometimes need to get a break from otherwise you might smash your laptop if he does something stupid yet again.

The episode was a little strange to me. There were almost no feelings of frustrating romance but instead the episode felt like a slice-of-life/romantic comedy brought about with all the less serious conversation between Rokka and Hazuki. I personally was relieved that Hazuki was shown in a different light for once, seeing as how he's always acting like an emo prick who can't seem to act like an adult at all; also when he brought up the issue of younger guys dating older women, it was nice to see it being treated like a joke (how many of us have not seen at least one romantic comedy with a Cougar/MILF character teasing all of the young guys).

Now the ending was what made me question how much longer Natsuyuki Rendezvous can remain as this season's strongest anime. This year has definitely been one for absurd romances, with all of the most bizarre ones like Sankarea, Mysterious Girlfriend X and Tasogare Otome x Amnesia airing last season, so Atsushi's ability to actually take over Hazuki's body was far from the plot development to lower my opinion of this series but instead, it was Atsushi. This move has made me pissed off with his character but at the same time I can see this setting up for some more interesting plot developments and hopefully the resolution of his regrets. It was also another un-wasted opportunity to make him look more pathetic and helpless than he already was, by asking Hazuki when he was seconds away from passing out from all the alcohol.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous does something different again which is always nice but after 4 episodes I want to see some results in the romantic developments and plot resolution.