Another chapter of full on action but one that comes with more character development - just goes to show that even when the main characters have reached the possible apex of their physical development we sometimes forget that their relationships and emotions still have to be explored in order to give us a better story. So let's get into this weeks chapter:Synopsis:

Back to the fight in hand and already the pace is back to it's bewildering speed. This time the fight progresses with Gai and Kakashi present and it goes along with the two of them trying to figure out Tobi's tactics - concluding that he is unable to control 7 tailed beasts and make use of the rinnengan's techniques, Kakashi and Gai press ahead.

A lot more focus on the tailed beasts themselves this chapter, in particular the conversation between Hachibi and Kyubi. Hachibi seems to be the advocate for the tailed beasts, claiming they still have emotions but the Kyubi is quick to bring him down, saying that a true emotional relationship between host and beast only exists between him and Killer Bee.

Naruto, though aware of this conversation, tries to keep on the offensive. He even manages to hear the despair of the 5 tails which despises being controlled by Tobi but soon after looses his ultimate form. Just when things couldn't get any more troublesome, Tobi forces the 4 tails and 6 tails to take on their full form.

Bee feels worried about Naruto using his ultimate mode so much, but the Hachibi points out that the Kyubi has stopped taking his chakra. However this is still a bit of a mystery to him though he has a pretty solid hypothesis as to why the Kyubi is acting the way he is; it seems the Kyubi has now gained faith in Naruto and plans to help him..... or maybe not We'll have to see next chapter as it ends with Naruto being sucked into the 4 tails mouth and the Kyubi awakening from his fake sleep.


Again a pretty solid chapter which allows both story progression and character development without sacrificing the bewildering pace that was set since the beginning of the World War Saga. It's a little predictable that we would see Naruto and the Kyubi becoming closer but I suppose something like this is just a typical shonen manga clich .

So now we still have to round off this arc and see how the story progresses from there, but from the beginning of this chapter we can safely assume that Sasuke vs Naruto will happen not too soon but not exactly in a long time. Personally I don't see the fight between Naruto and Tobi ending in the next few chapters, it's more likely that the fight with the tailed beasts might last another 5 chapters but I'm assuming Tobi will escape after then.

Can't wait for the next few chapters to be released!