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We get to see more of the Hima Council, a.k.a. the Student Council, in this episode of Meganebu!

I was really expecting the Hima Council president to be a complete jerk based on his incredibly brief appearance in the previous episode, but he really doesn’t seem to be one.  At the very least, he’s not as “cool” as I was expecting.  He also doesn’t really seem to care all that much about whether or not the Glasses Club exists.  He’s more concerned with what kind of image the Glasses Club’s exploits create for Himaraya 3rd Technical School rather than whether or not the club actually exists.

In fact, it’s Suzuki Toru, a.k.a. 3rd, who seems to really care about getting the glasses club to dissolve.  He holds a huge grudge against Akira for giving him the nickname “3rd”.  This grudge caused him to decide against joining the Glasses Club in their first year simply because Akira was the president.

Here I thought the need of a fifth member for the Glasses Club to remain a club would be plenty of reason to finally make Hayato a full member rather than simply a provisional member.  But alas, this is just another excuse to pick on him, apparently.  Even though he still won’t be made a full member, though, he helps his beloved Glasses Club search for a fifth member.  What a selfless guy.

Of course another attempt at the X-Ray Glasses leads to another interesting invention: the X-Act Glasses.  What do they do?  They cause the wearer to say whatever they’re thinking, apparently.  “Exactly” what they’re thinking.  In true Meganebu! style, hilarity ensues, mainly in the form of Tony, one of the members of the Hima Council, forcing Hayato to dance with him.

A really interesting development in this episode is what Akira thinks of the Hima Council president: he’s a Sometimes Glasses Wearer.  This is because he only wears glasses to read or to conduct school business.  According to Akira, this means he can’t make decisions when it counts and he’s a half-baked person.  While this interpretation might not be true of all Sometimes Glasses Wearers, this assertion definitely fits William Satou’s personality.

Meganebu! Episode 7 Post-Credits Segment

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