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The latest episode of Meganebu! follows the Glasses Club in their quest for the best lens cleaner.

It’s nice that Hayato is finally getting some recognition in the Glasses Club.  Even though he doesn’t have lenses in his fake glasses, Akira lets him participate in the MR Snap Inspection, which is great.  I mean, even if Hayato doesn’t have “real” glasses, they let him into the club so they should include him in their club activities!  I really hope this continues, because watching Hayato get constantly ignored and forgotten was really starting to get old.

Meganebu! really is informative.  I mean, most people might find the nuances of cleaning glasses lenses boring and unimportant, but these little nuances really do show non-glasses wearers a whole new lifestyle.  Granted, most people who actually wear glasses in real life don’t take things to the same extreme as the members of the Glasses Club, but things like scratches and dirt on lenses and how to clean them are definite concerns of people with glasses.  This slice-of-life anime really does show viewers what it’s like to wear glasses.

So the Hima Council is made up of jerks who want to end the Glasses Club.  Silly me, I was expecting these guys to be cool when they finally showed up.  I was sort of expecting them to be the opposite of the Glasses Club; that is, cool and calculating, focusing on realistic goals.  I didn’t expect them to be just as silly as the Glasses Club, just with a different goal.  I mean, going to every pharmacy in town to buy all the Glasses Celeb lens cleaners just to try to dishearten the Glasses Club is kind of silly, right?  Don’t they have anything better to do than try to cause a club to disband?

New favorite line of Meganebu!: “You can’t glasses on an empty stomach, after all!” ~Akira Soma

Meganebu! Episode 6 Post-Credits Segment

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