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This episode of Meganebu! focuses on Mitsuki and Takuma, rounding out the characterizations of the main characters.

Mitsuki’s section of this episode focuses on exactly why he looks up to Akira so much: because Akira made wearing glasses look awesome.  Mitsuki was, as many kids are when they learn they need glasses, worried about looking like a dork or a nerd, but Akira showed him that glasses are cool and that a single person can make the world a brighter place for others if they try.  This definitely helps contextualize his complete adoration for Akira.

The second half of the episode focuses on Takuma and his easygoing nature.  For one thing, we learn that he has two older brothers who also wear glasses.  One of his brothers, Shinji, is a famous model, and the other, Satoru, is a designer (presumably of glasses).  This half of the episode illustrates the family dynamic between Takuma and his brothers really well.  It’s also revealed that Takuma is so easygoing because his older brothers spoil him, so he rarely has to worry about anything very seriously.  Both Mitsuki’s and Takuma’s parts in this episode highlight the importance of the people each of them look up to in their lives.

A lot of people have been comparing Meganebu! to Lucky Star.  I hadn’t realized the similarities until I saw someone else point them out.  It’s a slice-of-life anime with a loose overarching plot that focuses mostly on the main characters in their everyday lives, which is basically the same as Lucky Star.  The visuals are similar, although Meganebu!’s are obviously sharper and more updated since it’s a newer show.

The realization of these similarities has led me to wonder why I like Meganebu! so much more than Lucky Star.  I think this largely lies in the fact that, while the overarching plot is a loose one (the boys trying to create working X-Ray glasses), Meganebu! actually has something to focus on, while Lucky Star really doesn’t have anything to hold it together plot-wise.

Meganebu! Episode 4 Post-Credits Segment

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