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Here I thought Meganebu! was supposed to be a silly show focused on nonsense and the building of friendships.  But this episode actually made me cry.

That isn’t to say this episode lacks any silliness.  Honestly, in what real-world situation would a group of five students really be able to replace all the clocks in their high school with clocks missing five minutes?  And then it took the teachers a heck of a long time to figure out what was going on.  As you can see, the silliness is definitely still there in this episode.

At the same time, though, things get pretty serious when Yukiya invents a set of glasses that see ghosts rather than X-ray glasses.  While this is technically a failure since the glasses don’t perform the function they meant them to, it’s still a pretty huge accomplishment.  It’s nice to see that their attempts to create X-ray glasses are in some way fruitful, rather than simply continuing to create glasses that get broken or do nothing.  I wonder if they’re going to keep the ghost glasses.

What makes this invention a serious one is the fact that the Glasses Club meets Mochizuki Koichi.  Koichi is a ghost attached to the sunglasses the boys find while changing the clocks in the school who Akira allows to join the Glasses Club (for a little while, anyway).  The boys help him take care of his unfinished business—returning the sunglasses to Asahina Tetsu, the manager of a café the Glasses Club frequents.  This little plot point is definitely emotional and proves that Meganebu! has the capability to be a lot more than silly boys trying to make impossible glasses.

I hope we get some more characterization of Takuma and Mitsuki in the next few episodes.  On top of that, I’m looking forward to see what other kinds of glasses they’ll come up with while trying to create their X-ray glasses.

Meganebu! Episode 3 Post-Credits Segment

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