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As I start catching up on some of the season's newer anime, I find myself enjoying Maoyuu quite a bit.  It may not be the most memorable series, but it's a pleasant and easy watch.

Episode 4

This episode is another example of how the series handles the story.  We get some development but it doesn't feel like much is accomplished.  A detail that I actually quite admire in Maoyuu.

A simple product like corn can really be a big piece of the puzzle.  Since agriculture is a staple of humanity for survival purposes of any kind, it only makes sense that a product of the process plays such a big part in all of this. Of course product is one thing, and negotiation another.

"Please excuse a woman wearing such a dress to gain an advantage in bartering."  Even today a woman would be looked down on during business transactions, so you can see the truth behind her words.  Negotiating between capitalists and idealists is also a messy affair.

The scene itself was quite plain.  Can't say I was engaged it in, and that didn't change right until the end.  At the end, there was silliness but that's just how the series is.

Episode 5

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Yet another episode of not much happening.  Funny enough, the most memorable part of it was the romantic development.  Maoyu and Yuusha's love is an odd beast that I just can't figure out.  I like it, but for maybe not the right reasons.

As far as romantic relationships go, this one seems like a realistic one.  Both parties are keeping each other at arm's length and at the same time, they maintain an innocent relationship.  The relationship itself resembles one of a man leaving his wife for war.  Quite fitting given the setting of the story.

Episode 6

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What is war Is it how Maou described - akin to Hardy's poem.  Is it that blind and ugly Well Maoyuu doesn't go into the details.  We get a snippet of an idea from Maou but that's about it.

Most of this episode hinged on the excitement of the battle.  It was the tactics and the planning that made for an interesting watch, not the actual battle.  Again, not surprising given the overall tone of the series.  The battle itself concludes the arc, leading to the next part of the story.

Looking back, the arc felt very short.  Mainly because the series has been split in two, and the first episodes uneventful nature being the other contributory factor.  What I have realised is my problem with Maoyuu.  Simply put, it doesn't go deep enough.  It touches upon many interesting points but never dives deeper into them.

It's still a good anime.  Were it to lessen the range and concentrate more on a cluster of topics, it could be better.